Birth is an extraordinary sacred experience. Every birth has a unique and special story starring an incredible, strong Mama.

A Doula is a woman who provides comfort to Mama through her birth experience and serves as an advocate for her needs, so that she feels nurtured, safe, and empowered through her journey. Having a Doula on your birth team can add companionship, confidence, focus, as well as helping reduce your anxiety and need for labor-inducing or pain relieving medication. Your Doula is there to be your biggest supporter - and also be a guide and teammate with any partner, family or friends sharing your birthing experience, which can be quite helpful in facilitating a smoother birth experience.

As a Doula, Miki is dedicated to hold space and listen, to support Mama in any way she can, bringing physical and emotional comfort through encouragement and massage. There is no set way for any birth to happen, the most important thing is for Mama to feel supported and empowered in her instinctual decisions. Miki also offers additional services in prenatal yoga and massage in preparation for the birthing experience. She believes that yoga provides useful postures and powerful tools - for focus, breath control, and willpower - to harness during labor and delivery. As well, both yoga and massage are great during the postnatal period to enhance a sense of health, balance and connection when integrating Baby back home with the family. 

For the Mamas out there, if you are considering a Doula as part of your birth team, Miki is honored to meet with you and hear your story, for the opportunity to support you so that you can move through your own special birthing experience with self-empowerment, grace, and love. 

Miki became a Certified Labor Doula (CLD) in Hawaii, through MaternityWise International (, and has recently relocated to Capistrano Beach. She gave birth to her son Lennon on December 6, 2018 and is currently on a break from doula work as she cares for her baby, but is happy to set up any prenatal yoga or massage or birth preparation sessions with you.


             current Doula fee:                   $1000   

                                                       *includes 2 prenatal visits, labor/birth day, and 1 postnatal follow up

Prenantal Yoga or Massage:         Please inquire for a private Yoga or Massage session, as rates vary with location.